Red-white-blue-green? How much do Croats care about sustainability?

Blue garbage bags, underground containers, ecological clean-up campaigns and local food from organic farming are quite attractive topics for our public, but how many Croats are really interested in ecology? In the first month of this year, the Ipsos agency conducted a survey of 1,000 respondents in Croatia with a focus on the ecological aspect of sustainability, and will present this results for the first time on Greencajt!

They examined how familiar the general population in Croatia is with this topic, how they behave and what prevents them from behaving responsibly towards the environment. The research includes consumer segmetation based on the level of environmental concern, based on a global Ipsos survey of 10,000 respondents in as many as 16 countries! The Ipsos team compared the results from Croatia with global findings and created a profile of each segment.

In doing so, they will discover who the Croats are who are extremely active in terms of sustainable behavior and what they as individuals are doing for the betterment of the planet, but also those who are less open and who still do not care about the state of our environment. They will also touch on the burning question – are Croats ready to pay more for products that are more sustainable?