The Winter I knew

Finnish winter, escpecially above the Arctic Circle, is often described as dark and harsh. However, with the consequences of global warming, winter is losing its original form, even in this area. For the purposes of shooting this film, the author exposed himself to the harsh winter conditions for three nights just to record the spectacular shots that take your breath away. The film attracted a lot of attention from the Finnish public thanks to the impressive shots and the poignant story about the impact of climate change on the Artctic environment. This resulted in the inclusion of the film in the program of Finnish national television, which further increased public awareness of this important issue. Following the film, The Winter I Knew – The Story was released which shockingly depicts the extant of climate change and the loss of the defining characteristics of the Finnish winter, along with the author’s reflection on what this means for the people living in the area. The project emphasizes the importance of preserving nature and the need for humans to reconnect with nature. The author himself will tell us about his experience in the process of creating the film and the extreme conditions in which it was filmed.