On Zagreb’s streets, which are intertwined with numerous parks, Martina Bienenfeld noticed every detail that potential tourists might like. Emphasizing destination management, this director of the Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb invested serious effort in positioning the Croatian capital on the map of world destinations. And she does that extremely successfully. According to the results of the EEA study, Zagreb was the second capital in Europe in terms of the percentage of green infrastructure within the city limits, with as much as 74 %!

Bienenfeld participated in the design of the Advent event in Zagreb, which won the title of the best Advent in Europe three times. The Tourist Board of the City of Zagreb, under her leadership, has been promoting the capital as a green tourist destination for many years, thus following the trends started by the European Commission within the framework of the European Green Plan. One of such projects is the Green BUZZG campaign, which is dedicated to the green and sustainable segment of the tourist offer. As Bienenfeld herself explained, it is a campaign that presents Zagreb as an urban environment, but which offers a kind of detox in numerous forests and parks.

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