He comes from a municipality where the temperature record is an incredible -50 degrees Celsius. It is the home of Finland’s most popular hiking trail and Santa Claus. This is Salla, a Finnish destination known for its reindeer, skiing, and northern lights. To maintain the uniqueness of its climate that has been attracting visitors for years, the local authorities have implemented a series of policies in that direction. Erkki Parkkinen, the mayor since 2015, has focused on promoting sustainable development and environmental protection. In collaboration with the head of Salla Tourism Department, Paula Aspholm, he launched an innovative campaign to host the 2032 summer games. It’s called “Save Salla” and has gained many international recognitions, inspiring other communities to take action in fighting climate change. “If we don’t stop climate change by 2032, it will be too late. We want to keep Salla as it is, with cold and snowy winters,” Erkki said.

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