When, after 20 years of work at Croatian Post, Ivan Čulo took over the management of one of the largest companies in Croatia, he had a clear goal that business transformation could not be carried out without investing in sustainability, digital transformation, user experience and corporate culture. In almost seven years, he built and laid the foundations with his team for exactly the above – a completely new and modern logistics infrastructure, rebranding of the company and services, and created all the prerequisites for the development of human resources and further projects focused on user experience and sustainability. He introduced Croatian Post into the leading world and European postal associations, where it is among the largest and strongest selected postal operators. This strategist, who received his formal education at the Faculty of Transport Sciences and further training at postgraduate specialist studies in economics and relevant corporate management programs, today also manages the largest green vehicle fleet in Croatia, and continues to work with a clear vision of an innovative company tailored to workers and user.

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