Green campaign

In this category, two certificates and an award were presented for the best campaigns promoting climate goals.


The certificate for third place was presented to the campaign “Biobaza S.O.S. Save Our Sea.”


The certificate for second place was presented to the campaign “GigaBEEtno – A1.”


The award won the “CO2MPENSATING BY PLANTING” program.


This is the first and unique program in Croatia and the region aimed at companies, institutions, and other organizations that want to offset CO2 emissions by planting trees, neutralize their carbon footprint, and become a positive example of environmental care and community involvement. In reforestation actions, 100,000 saplings were planted, and 59 educational workshops were held in 27 primary and secondary schools involving over 2,000 students. The program is backed by the HEARTH thinking&doing agency, the Scout Association of Croatia, and the Croatian Forests.