Marina Spadafora


Marina Spadafora has collaborated with the most prestigious global brands such as Ferragamo, Prada, and Miu Miu throughout her illustrious career, capturing the hearts of fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Today, Marina is spearheading a revolution in the fashion industry as a prominent ambassador of sustainable fashion and a collaborator with the Marni brand. Her passionate commitment to promoting fair fashion extends beyond designer studios; Marina is deeply involved in humanitarian projects around the world.

In addition to owning the “Fashion with a Mission” brand, she actively contributes to the development of fair fashion worldwide. She has participated in United Nations projects in countries such as Ghana, Ethiopia, Kenya, Tanzania, and Egypt.

Marina is a professor of ethical fashion at prestigious academies in Italy and worldwide. She has received numerous accolades for her work, including the United Nations “Women Together” award in 2015 in New York. She is also known for her TEDx talk on sustainable fashion held in 2014, which has profoundly impacted the industry. She is the co-author of the book “The Revolution Starts in Your Closet” with Luisa Ciun, which promotes sustainability awareness in the fashion industry.

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