Søren Hermansen


The Dane Søren Hermansen is a versatile expert and pioneer in the field of sustainability and renewable energy. His passion and fascination with the environment led him to the success he achieved on his home island, Samsø. Namely, the island has been self-sufficient and CO2 neutral since 2007, thus becoming the first island in the world with 100% renewable energy. Samsø’s vision is to become independent of fossil fuels by 2030.

In 2008, the American Time Magazine declared Hermansen a “Green Hero of the environment”, and in 2010 he received the Swedish Gothenburg Award, which is called the environmental “Nobel Prize”. In 2011, he was awarded the award of the former Danish Minister for the Environment and Energy, the Svend Auken Award.

Today, Hermansen is the executive director of the Samsø Energy Academy, political activist, futurologist and lecturer. The World Awards brought him international recognition and attention, making Hermansen a “must have” lecturer on a global level.

He is also a dedicated leader in the field of renewable energy, and Samsø, under his leadership, has become an inspiration and an example of a successful transition to a climate-neutral way of life

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